Culinary Arts Degree

HRC Culinary Academy offers an integrated 2-year culinary degree program in a modular design, created by top international chefs and the best educators.
Our total immersion hands-on instruction transform students to a professional skill level in no time. You will develop a command of both classic and contemporary culinary methods and techniques, created by HRC in a unique series of hands-on classes. You will prepare and understand the many global cuisines that drive today’s industry.

The highlights of the program are two paid internships in Europe and America. After completing the first semester in our high-tech base in Sofia, Bulgaria you will have the opportunity to go to a high-end culinary establishment in Europe where you will complete a 6 month internship. Right after that internship as well as a successful completion of your 3rd semester you will be offered numerous positions in the USA where you will broaden your experience in fine-dining for another 12 months. 

But cooking is not all that it takes to become a great chef: You will expand your horizon by learning new business skills during classes like Management and Leadership, Cost Control, Food Photography, Nutrition and Food Safety.

After four intense semesters at HRC Culinary Academy & Abroad you are awarded an Associate's degree in Culinary Arts, accredited by the ACF-American Culinary Federation. Information about our accreditation and the ACFEFAC Programs Outcome could be found here.
Tuition fees include course materials, books, ingredients, industry placement services. Click here for full details on fees.

Entry requirements: 

Minimum age 18, finished secondary education 
Working knowledge of English
A passion for Food!

Next start dates:

16 September 2019

March 2020

"my USA internship: an experience of a lifetime!"

Tuition fees

  • Associate's degree in Culinary Arts

    €1750 per semester (EU Students)

  • Associate's degree in Culinary Arts

    €2450 per semester (Non-EU students)

Course Disciplines