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Win €2000 Scholarship for Culinary Arts September 2023 Intake

Make and present your favorite breakfast in a creative way


Hey, foodies! Anyone enrolled or planning to enroll for a Culinary Arts Degree from this September 2023 can enter for a €2,000 scholarship contest!

What is your favorite breakfast? Something from your childhood that your grandma used to make, something traditional you grew up with or maybe something you mastered making yourself? Show us!

1. Make and present your favorite breakfast in a creative way and tell us why it is your favorite?

2. Unleash your imagination and present it in the most artistic and creative way!

3. Make a mood board about it and send it to us, together with photos and/or videos of what you made at email If your files are too big, feel free to use any file transfer service convenient to you (for example – Dropbox, Google drive,, (for your video), etc.)

IMPORTANT: In case you are using Google – please make sure that you have shared the link with, otherwise we can’t see the links.

The presentation materials need to be entirely in English and it should be very clear of what you do.

The deadline for sending your application is September 15, 2023 by the end of the day, and the results will be announced after the opening of the new semester!

Please note that this scholarship is open to all students who are currently enrolled in the Culinary Arts course for the academic year that begins in September 2023. If you are not among them, you can still submit your application for the Culinary Arts degree and take part in a scholarship contest.

Be creative and let your culinary imagination run free!

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