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WIN a €2000 scholarship to finance your studies!

This year's theme is 'Spring Vegetables'


Hey you! 🫵 Do you like to cook? 👨‍🍳

In case you have already applied to our Culinary Arts program or intend to apply by March 5, 2024, now you can WIN a €2000 scholarship to finance your studies!


This year’s theme is ‘Spring Vegetables’ and you can enter by sending us a short video of how you make a spring dish starring potatoes, fennel and spinach.


1. Prepare a dish of your choice, including the main three seasonal vegetables: potatoes, fennel and spinach.

2. Let your imagination flow and serve it up in the most artistic and creative way!

3. Make a short video of how you prepare/assemble it, introduce yourself briefly, tell us why you want to study at HRC and email us at (If your files are too big, use a transfer platform (dropbox, google drive,, Important: if you use google platform – make sure you give us access to the files you share.

4. Presentation materials must be entirely in English.

5. The deadline for submitting materials is March 3, 2024. The winner will be announced shortly after the start of Semester 1 of the Culinary Arts program.

*This scholarship competition is open to all students who have signed up for the current Culinary Arts intake in the month of March 2024. This means that if you want to apply for a 2000 Euro scholarship, you still have time to apply to our Academy HERE.

Good luck!

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