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The €2000 scholarship contest for intake March, 2020 is now open!

The scholarship contest for March, 2020 is now out!


We’ve set up this scholarship in order to support the next generation of innovative chefs who are such a critical part of HRC Academy’s international success! That’s why there is a yummy well seasoned check of €2000 for the winner!

Let’s get creative!

The consumer market seems to have tried almost everything “normal” by now that’s been offered on the food market. That means, that in order to quench the thirst for new flavours, more and more chefs are beginning to offer cross-cultural fusions. Mexican and South-East Asian, French-Scandinavian and many more. That is why as future chef, we’d like to test your creativity and how do you fusion it with the current trends.

You’ll have to come up with a fusion recipe based on your national cuisine + one other palette of a nation’s traditional culinary flavours.

Please submit your application no later than March, 12, 2020 13:00 o’clock.

The application consists of two parts:

  • Part I – the recipe and the story! (This forms 50% of your grade)
    Write a small essay (no longer than 500 words and no shorter than 250) telling us the story of what is the recipe that inspired you and why obviously. ?

Include the precise recipe in the text as well because, yes, you guessed it right -> there will be a video!

  • Part II – The Video (Forms the other 50% of the grade)
    This is when it gets fun! We expect you to record a video of you cooking/finishing up the recipe that you have described above and present it nicely. The video should be no longer than 4 min and you are allowed to do any sort of editing.
    You have got to make sure that we are going to be pleasantly surprised so just a hint – act normal, stay fresh, be fun and let your passion for cooking guide you through it.

The better you explain your motivation and arguments, the closer you will be to winning the scholarship contest. The video as well as the essay need to be entirely in English!

  • Please, send your materials to, if your files are too big, feel free to use any file transfer service convenient to you (for example – dropbox, google drive,, (just for your video), etc.). IMPORTANT: in case you are using google – please make sure that you have shared the link with, otherwise we get locked links and we have troubles viewing them on time which might result on you missing the deadline.
  • The deadline for sending your application is March, 12, 2020, 13 o’clock and the results will be announced after the opening of the new semester!
    Please note that this scholarship is open to all students who are currently enrolled in a Culinary Arts course for the academic year that begins in March, 2020. That means that if you are not among those you need to submit your application for the Culinary Arts degree program as well, otherwise you risk missing the deadline for enrollment and respectively the chance to take advantage of the scholarship, as it can be granted to accepted students only. If you have not applied yet, you can do it here.
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