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Gelato Chef Elisa Volanti visits HRC Academy’s Students.

Gelato master Elisa Volanti delivering a top-notch workshop to our students!


Elisa Volanti started her experience in food services sector in 2006. Since then, she has been showing a preference for pastry. During her professional path, she carried out various work experiences including, in 2010, in the pastry laboratory of the renowned restaurant “Il San Domenico di Imola”, rewarded by the Michelin Guide with Two stars. There, she learned the main techniques of international pastry methods. Once gained the degree of “Technician for Professional Services in Food Technologies” in Bologna, she started her adventure in the gelato world with Iceteam1927. She is now responsible for the gelato school, Gelateneo, and chef department with a team of 5 gelato and pastry chefs, teaching gelato and frozen desserts all over the world.

Elisa is giving a workshop to our students for two days at our state of the art demo theatre and she is covering topics such as:

  • Balancing parameters for frozen desserts
  • Production techniques and equipment 
  • Exclusive recipes explanation 
  • Practice on different models machines and production of sorbets, gelato and special flavours
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