Scholarship Competition 2019

HRC Culinary Academy will grant a scholarship of 2000 euro to a motivated and talented student who is on their way of becoming a quality chef and disrupting the culinary world.* In order to apply for the scholarship you have to be accepted as a student in our Culinary Arts programme. This time the theme of the competition is “Healthy Food at School”.

We expect you to come up with a dish which is healthy and at the same time extremely delicious and appealing to kids in primary schools (age between 6 and 12 years old) We shall expect from you to present us a recipe created by you. This should be a main course dish which is tasty and nutritious. We would like to asses how creative are you, so it is up to you to decide what to prepare and how to introduce it to us.

The contest will have two parts and 3 main criteria that we will be judging:

Number 1: Presentation (Attractiveness)

Number 2: Healthiness (Think of the ingredients and their nutritional values)

Number 3: Scalability ( The dish needs to be easy to produce in large quantities for school / kindergarten canteens)

Part IWrite your motivation behind the recipe – forms 50% of the qualifying criteria. (Also this will inspire you on the actual dish and make your work process way easier) Remember: failing to prepare is preparing to fail, so writing this first will give you the guidlines on how to structure your task even better! 

The recipe must be presented in a way that clearly shows that you are the one who will make a difference in the culinary world, disrupt the social convention for bad food at schools and that you possess what it takes to be a quality Chef. 

What to write? We'd like to see a motivation no longer than 500 words and no shorter than 300. Please include: - What inspired you to do this dish? (Is it a personal story, a trend, a sentimental value, or a plan that you have for your future). How could this dish change the way kids perceive school food and why? How could you make that dish to be easily implemented in a canteen?  The better you explain your motivation and arguments, the better we will be able to assess you and also udnerstand your video. Logically that will be the right path to winning the scholarship contest. The motivation, as well as the recipe must be written in English. The motivation should be up to 500 words and not shorter than 300 words. (The actual recipe would not be included in the word count)

Part II - The Video

We`d like to see a video of you preparing the actual dish. We want to see a beautiful presentation which is appealing and could speak on its own. Please limit the video to Maximum 10 minutes. (You could edit and use any tools you`d like to impress us). We do not necessarily want to see the entire cooking process but a good attitude while cooking, so we encourage you to give as many explanations of what you are doing and why, while recording the video. 

Please, send your materials to, if your files are too big, feel free to use any file transfer service convenient to you (for example - dropbox, google drive,, (just for your video), etc.). Deadline for sending your application is 5 March, 2019 and the results will be announced after the opening of the new semester on 8, March, 2019. Please make sure to submit your application for the Culinary Arts degree program as well, otherwise you risk missing the deadline for enrollment and respectively the chance to take advantage of the scholarship, as it can be granted to accepted students only. Applicants from both the EU and outside the EU interested in March 2019 intake.

Good luck and cook your heart out!