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Project “Long-term professional mobility for modern culinary arts” – December

Project "Long-term professional mobility for modern culinary arts", Agreement № 2020 -1-BG01-KA102-078803, Key Action 1, VET Long-term professional mobility in the Netherlands


In October and November Newsletters we introduced you to 9 of our participants under the project “Long-term professional mobility for modern culinary arts”, Agreement № 2020 -1-BG01-KA102-078803, together with the outlets where their mobility practice takes place in the Netherlands. We have another two participants who are already running their long-term practice in one of the most emblematic restaurants in the country.

Nikolay Chobanov’s long-term professional practice is held at Restaurant Lev, Doetinchem, the Netherlands. LEV’s relaxed ambience fits with the idea behind its Foodbar: sharing and enjoying delicious food together. The dishes are not overcomplicated; a couple of ingredients suffice to create little bombs of flavour. LEV promotes production from the Achterhoek region. LEV Foodbar has received a BIB Gourmand from Michelin for its excellent price-quality ratio. Nikolay has the opportunity to run his internship in a restaurant included in the Michelin Guide and to work side by side with world-class professionals.

Irina Bachvarova is part of the team at the Van Mien Hotel restaurant. The unique boutique hotel has a non-standard concept, each of the rooms has its own name and is individually furnished. The hotel has a restaurant that offers 100% organic products. The authenticity of the food quality is guaranteed and guests can enjoy fresh dairy products, fresh bread every day, quality meat and much more. Irina managed to acquire both in theory and in practice the transformation of homemade products into culinary masterpieces with the help of many techniques from culinary art.

Although 2020 probably won’t be remembered as the best year many of us have ever had, at least we are now looking forward to better times ahead, after what has been a very challenging year for us all. Next year we will continue to share with you the experience of the rest of our group in the Netherlands.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!


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