Master Class Haute Pâtisserie avec Pierre Hermé

The world famous pastry chef  Pierre Hermé  is coming to Sofia for a special event and we are honoured to host it! To make this happen we are partnering with Institut français de Bulgarie and Relais Desserts.

We will have the pleasure to host chef Pierre Hermé while he is judging French desserts prepared by the best 5 Bulgarian pastry chefs. They will have to compete against each other and prepare a dessert using only French techniques and at least three Bulgarian traditional ingredients.
The winner will have the opportunity to study for a week in the world famous French school Ferrandi Paris as well as to take a three week advanced course at the HQ of Hermé in Paris

The competition will be judged by Pierre Herme, Frédéric Cassel and Éric Vergne.

The entrance to the event will be invites only, however there will be exclusive HD live streams shared on our Facebook and Instagram channels so you could watch the contest in its full glory.

The event is set to begin on 9, March, 2019 at 13:00 o’clock.