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Marina Mokrysheva is the first scholarship recipient of Mastercard and HRC Culinary Academy in their joint program “Girls4Culinary”

Marina "I know that in the future I can show that women have place in the professional kitchen and I am ready to prove it to the world"


This week, Marina Mokrisheva, an 18-year-old student from Sofia, became the third Mastercard scholarship recipient and the first of our Girls4Culinary program with them. Marina is a student at “Professional High School of Tourism” Sofia, who after graduation will fulfill her dream of studying in the “Culinary Arts” program with the best chefs for 4 semesters and will have the opportunity to go on an internship in famous restaurants in Europe and USA. The young talent won with her excellent skills and the appreciation of her teachers, her immense dedication to cooking from a child and the ambition to prove that gourmet gastronomy is not a profession in which there is no place for women – a prejudice that she and we both face often.

“The program with Girls4Culinary is inspired by Mastercard’s global program Girls4Tech. For many years we have supported and motivated young girls to become the leaders of tomorrow in the technology field with our Gils4Tech program. We have reached more than 5.5 million girls globally with this program, exceeding our initial targets – and the program has been carried out in 63 countries, 23 of those being in Europe. Culinary arts in gourmet gastronomy and the opportunity to own a restaurant should not be a profession where gender inequality and old stereotypes exist nowadays. We hope that young and talented girls will be able to grow with the support of Mastercard.” said Polina Vidas, Marketing and Communications Director for Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.

“I want to unfold my full potential but also to overcome any difficulty that is holding me back. I know that in the future I can show that women have place in the professional kitchen and I am ready to prove it to the world. The first step to those goals is good education, and I’m ready to do it, to become one of the best.” Marina, student

“I am grateful to Mastercard for trusting us and for the huge gesture they are making for Marina. Her reaction when she found out she was awarded the scholarship was so emotional – we have no doubts that the scholarship is going to the right person and will be used as intended” – said Yoana Mileva, Director of the HRC Culinary Academy.


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