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Long-term Professional Mobility Project- Monthly Newsletter, September 2020



Monthly Newsletter



After the implementation of the selection procedure and selection of project participants HRC Culinary Academy, in its capacity of Beneficiary under contract № 2020 – 1 – EN 01 – KA102 – 078803, conducted a preliminary preparation of those approved for participation in long-term professional mobility.



All participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the Erasmus + program its entirety. The purpose of the seminar was learners to understand the basics priorities and key activities of the program. The participants realized all the benefits and potential outcomes. from his participation in project. The seminar lasted of 10 school hours, it included not only students but also lecturers. Through this element of the preliminary preparation team, the project aims to directly disseminate information on the Erasmus + program and so on most of the potential users to get acquainted with her.



Pedagogical training included the acquisition of specialized theoretical knowledge in the field of culinary arts and in particular molecular cuisine, in the context of best practices in the Netherlands and United Kingdom. Its duration lasted for 30 teaching hours. The project team identified the need to introduce learners in advance in the world of culinary arts of the respective host country, thus predisposing participants to what awaits them during their professional practice. All learners received developed manuals that were the basis of this element of preliminary preparation.



All students get acquainted with the culture, the customs, and traditions of the respective hosts countries. The cultural preparation took place on the following curriculum for both host countries:

1 / History – 5 teaching hours.

2 / Economics – 5 school hours.

3 / Geography – 5 teaching hours.

4 / Culture – 5 school hours.

5 / Landmarks, tourism, and culture – 5 study hours.

6 / Cultural features and differences – 5 school hours.

Both pedagogical and cultural training ended with an examination and assessment of the curriculum process.

All participants received certificates certifying the completed training in each one of the three elements of the preliminary preparation for professional mobility.

September 2020

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