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HRC Culinary Academy x JRE: Celebrating Sustainable Gastronomy Day together  


On June 18th, HRC Culinary Academy, in collaboration with JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs and restaurant “Talents”, celebrated Sustainable Gastronomy Day with a series of inspiring events. 

The goal of this day is to encourage everyone to work together for more sustainable food practices and preparation methods.

Mastering the zero-waste techniques

The day started with a warm reception for HRC Culinary Academy students, who gathered for masterclasses led by two JRE chefs, Alexandre Ciriello from Belgium and Mathijs van Milt from The Netherlands. Chef Ciriello, working in restaurant L’Horizon in France, and Chef van Milt, from restaurant Lokaal in the Netherlands, shared their extensive knowledge on sustainable cooking practices. These masterclasses emphasized on the importance of utilizing local ingredients and mastering zero-waste techniques, providing with valuable insights and inspiration for our culinary arts students. 

The competition

Later on, a competition was organized by Chef Yovelina Minkova and following the masterclasses, students competed in teams to create the best zero-waste dish using leftover food. This contest not only showcased the students’ creativity and skill set, but also reinforced the principles of sustainable gastronomy. The winning team was rewarded with an exclusive dinner at Chef Alexandre Ciriello’s restaurant, L’Horizon, offering them a unique opportunity to experience sustainability at the highest level.

Lunch and dinner at restaurant “Talents”

The day was highlighted by a sustainable lunch and dinner at “Talents” restaurant, where the focus on sustainable food practices and local ingredients remained. The specially curated menu featured dishes that demonstrated the chefs’ dedication to minimizing environmental impact and carbon emissions, while delivering exquisite flavors. 

Global commitment

By emphasizing local products, producers and deliveries, energy-efficient cooking methods, and zero-waste practices, the celebration provided a perfect blend of education and culinary delight. Supported by partners like Worldchefs and Mastercard, this year’s Sustainable Gastronomy Day underscored a global commitment to sustainable gastronomy and our impact on the planet. 

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