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HRC Culinary Academy awards a full scholarship for education for a social cause

The full scholarship of 12,000 euros will support the education of Maria Bozhidarova


HRC Culinary Academy chose to award a full scholarship worth 12,000 euros and support the education of Maria Bozhidarova, enabling her to fulfill her dream of becoming a professional chef.


The journey of this young hope began at the Family Home “Dreamers” in the summer of 2020. From her early years in her foster family to her current education at the Vocational High School “Aleko Konstantinov,” Maria has shown exceptional dedication and commitment to her education and personal growth. Despite facing challenges, she remains an exemplary student, possessing qualities of responsibility, respect, and leadership.

Her dedication to culinary arts caught the attention of Chef Viktor Svetoslavov, the Head Chef Instructor at HRC Culinary Academy. Impressed by her skills, work ethic, and enthusiasm, Chef Svetoslavov saw in Maria a talent worthy of support.

“When I decided to offer her the scholarship, I didn’t even know where or how she lived. She was smiling, and it seemed like she was genuinely enjoying herself while the other participants were tense, typical of a competition. Maria worked calmly and confidently the whole time, and this was evident in the dishes she prepared. In my opinion, she is a natural talent that must be nurtured at all costs, and I’m glad we’ll give her this opportunity,” enthusiastically shared Chef Svetoslavov.

The director of HRC Culinary Academy, Yoana Mileva, met with Maria and her coordinating caregiver, Isabela Hristova from SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria, to discuss and choose the most suitable educational program together. In addition to investing in Maria’s education and future, the Academy will provide her with opportunities for international internships and work experience in prestigious restaurants in Europe and the USA.

“I want to sincerely thank you for the chance you are giving her, and I believe she will not disappoint you. For children like her, it is crucial to lend a helping hand because it determines their entire life ahead in a better direction. Thank you!” – Isabela Hristova, SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria

If you also want to become a pillar of hope and development for someone and help support the education of a future culinary talent, contribute through a voluntary donation to our Foundation. Learn more here.

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