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Bulgaria joins JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs: A celebration of Culinary Heritage and Innovation

The JRE-Bulgaria chefs Vladislav Penov, Filip and Veselin Kalev will be formally introduced as representatives of Bulgaria's rich heritage


Celebrating its 50th Anniversary, JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs will officially welcome Bulgaria to the association with three founding members: Vladislav Penov from Cosmos restaurant, Filip Zahariev from Oná restaurant, and Veselin Kalev from aEstivum restaurant. This significant milestone in the world of Gastronomy will be celebrated through a press conference, held in collaboration with HRC Academy on March 6th in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The special press conference will be held at the HRC Academy, a fitting location for such a significant announcement, followed by an aperitif and special treats, prepared by the JRE-Bulgaria chefs. Among the attendees is Chef Daniel Lehmann, President of JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs and owner of Moosegg restaurant in Switzerland.

During this event, the JRE-Bulgaria chefs Vladislav Penov, Filip and Veselin Kalev will be formally introduced as representatives of Bulgaria’s rich heritage and diverse culinary landscape to the international JRE community.

Daniel Lehmann emphasizes, “At JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs, we are always striving to create unforgettable culinary experiences that transcend borders and unite cultures through the art of food. Having Bulgaria in the JRE family enlarges our culinary landscape.”

The festivities will extend to March 7th at the Bacchus Restaurant of the Year 2023 Awards Ceremony in Sofia, where JRE-Jeunes Restaurants will curate the menu for the Gala Evening, paying tribute to 5 JRE Lady Chefs from 5 different countries. JRE-Chefs Floriana Ružić from San Rocco restaurant (Croatia), Annett Teich from BK (France), Virginia Caravita from Dimora Ulmo (Italy), Sabina Repovz from Gostilna Repovž (Slovenia), and Teresa Gutiérrez from Azafrán (Spain) will prepare an elevated 5-course menu, designed to entertain the senses. Each Chef will prepare one Signature Dish, representing their terroir and philosophy.

The role of women in the gastronomy industry is this year’s ceremony theme, and that is why Bacchus, together with JRE and MasterCard, is supporting the professional development of female chefs in the culinary industry.

During this evening, MasterCard, committed to fostering the development of young professionals within the food industry, will also unveil their latest initiative, announcing scholarships for aspiring individuals.

“We look forward to expanding JRE-Bulgaria and continuing to foster culinary excellence and cultural exchange within our global community.“, shared Daniel Lehmann.

JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs is an association of young restaurateurs and chefs with one common goal in mind: to share our talent and love for food with like-minded individuals. With an extensive network of exceptional member restaurants, JRE aims to elevate culinary experiences while nurturing a community of passionate food connoisseurs. We are proud to have over 400 restaurants and 160 hotels, spread across 16 different countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs chefs combine deep passion, culinary expertise, and an appreciation for local ingredients and tradition. Their restaurants provide a captivating atmosphere, showcasing their outstanding cooking skills.

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