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1000 euros scholarship for F&B students

Scholarship for F&B Students! Sustainable issues?


We are giving away €1000 to one of our future F&B Managers!

The role of an F&B Manager is a very complex role. It takes a lot of planning, discipline, product knowledge and cultural sensitivity.  But after all it also takes a significant dose of creativity to be able to swiftly unite all the aspects of the job and be efficient. Also there are all those uprising trends which need to be carefully examined and followed.

Nowadays, sustainability is a very hot topic. It is hot in all of its aspects and it is directly impacting the hospitality indstry. That is why we’d like to see your vision on sustainability and green future. We’d like to find out: What annoys you in restaurants or any F&B outlet and why in terms of sustainable uses? What would you do to tackle that and how would you do it more effectively?

We’d like to test your creativity as well as how carefully do you examine problems when it comes to adapting to change and adopting new trends.

We are giving away a juicy check of €1000 to our favourite contestant who delivers the best short essay on the topic!

We’d like to receive an essay no longer than 1000 and no shorter than 600 words in regards of sustainability and the F&B Industry.

Start with an opener and tell us what it is that you don’t like and how would you effectively and wisely apply change to it in order to turn the industry greener!

You can take the case as an open essay with a solid conclusion and solution or you could present it in the form of a short but detailed and specific business plan that tackles a certain problem.

Please submit your application no later than April 30th, 2020 13:00 o’clock.

The better you explain your motivation and arguments, the closer you will be to winning the scholarship contest.  Remember that’s your perfect change initiative, so give us your best thoughts and planning!

Please, send your materials to Should you be having any questions feel free to contact us and ask or you can send them directly to 

The deadline for sending your application is April 30th, 2020, 13 o’clock and the results will be announced after the opening of the new semester in April!

Please note that you need to submit your application for the F&B Management program as well, otherwise you risk missing the deadline for enrollment and respectively the chance to take advantage of the scholarship, as it can be granted to accepted students only. If you have not applied yet, you can do it here.

Good luck and give us your best shot!

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