COVID-19 measures at HRC

COVID-19 measures at HRC

Safety measures we’ve put in place to reduce the impact of COVID-19

As a culinary institution we are obliged to keep very high and strict hygiene standards all the time. During the pandemic this is no different. More so, we are disinfecting all the areas twice more than before and keeping surfaces and floors cleaned and sanitized at all times.

Upon entrance every student has their temperature checked by a laser thermometer and their condition is monitored throughout the entire day of studies.

Protective helmets, masks and gloves are required and distributed to all students.

Extra tubes of alcohol based sanitizers are installed so there is a better sanitation provided for the operational and technical staff in the academy.

Increased cleaning of common touchpoints, bathrooms, and common areas will remain in place until further notice.

Educational process on campus

We keep teaching our students live and on campus. As mentioned in another FAQ all measures that could be taken are in place, so we are doing our best to have our students enjoy cooking as usual and have their classes uninterrupted. Safe distance is being monitored at all times.

In case of another lockdown we are prepared to continue our theoretical classes and assignments fully online. We are also developing online cooking modules in case we have to move the study process at home.
Our Food & Beverage Management program however is being taught 80% online at the moment.