Living in Sofia

Living in Sofia

What to do in Sofia?

Sofia is a real student city with 25 local and international universities hosting students from all over the world. Numerous shopping malls with cinemas, cafes, restaurants and supermarkets can be found in every district. With the expansion of the city, the metro network grows as well and now connects all the key locations. Both our Sofia locations can be very well reached by public transportation.

Downtown and the Student’s city are the place-to-be for nightlife. Almost every week Sofia is home of international concerts, sports shows and other events you can expect at a vibrant metropolitan city.

The city is close to various tourist sites making it a good place for students to match their studies with sightseeing and discovery of new places, people and culture. The ski slopes are minutes away on Vitosha Mountain, also providing great opportunities for hiking and bike rides. Besides the beautiful nature, there are several ancient churches, monasteries and museums that make the surrounding area the perfect place for weekend breaks.

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