What can I do with my diploma?

With a solid culinary education and a good understanding of the English language, you will be able to work anywhere in the world as a chef. You will be able to build the career that you have always wanted and you should thank yourself for that! Finishing our program is not an easy job!

Our diploma is officially recognised and accredited by the American Culinary Federation (ACF). For you can see ACF’s outcome report here.

After receiving your diploma you can choose for yourself: continue your career at hotels and resorts, fine restaurants or perhaps even a cruise liner sailing the world. Maybe you possess the heart and spirit of a true entrepreneur and would like to start your own business? Give us a shout, we’ll gladly give you some tips, advice and evaluate your business model. Currently, the job outlook in the HoReCa industry is very strong worldwide.

Throughout your journey of different experiences, you will develop more skills, gain more knowledge and eventually become an Executive Chef. However, you must be realistic; this does not happen overnight. The HRC Culinary Academy provides you with culinary fundamentals and helps you with personal development; the rest is up to you.