How Long Does it Take to Finish a Culinary School and Graduate


If you’re considering culinary school, one of the first questions you probably have is “How long does it take?”

Culinary programs range widely in duration depending on the type of program and the credential or degree you want to earn. Read on for a breakdown of common program lengths.

Types of Culinary Programs

Culinary programs come in several main types depending on your career goals. Each program length varies based on the breadth and depth of skills covered.

Diploma Programs

Culinary diploma programs provide intensive hands-on training in professional cooking techniques. Typical program focus includes fundamental knife skills, various cooking methods, menu development, and working speed in restaurant kitchen environments. Diploma programs usually run from 9 months to 2 years and are commonly offered at vocational schools or culinary institutes. They prepare graduates for jobs as cooks, chefs, or kitchen staff without covering general academics or business concepts.

Degree Programs

Associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs incorporate both culinary arts training and general education courses for well-rounded development. Associate degrees usually take 2 years and include some liberal arts prerequisites like English, math and science to strengthen critical thinking while mastering cuisines. Bachelor’s programs extend an additional 2 years with further culinary specialization plus restaurant management, finance, and leadership content to equip graduates for supervisory roles.


Certificates offer concentrated training in a particular niche like baking and pastry, vegetarian cooking or wine education over weeks or months. Targeted certificate programs allow cooks to efficiently build expertise for specialization or career shifts. Common durations range from as short as 7 weeks for fundamental certificates to many months for advanced techniques like Master Baker credentials.

Length of Associate Degree in Culinary Arts at HRC Academy

The renowned Associate Degree in Culinary Arts at HRC Academy entails 4 semesters over 2 years. Students complete fundamental culinary courses and professional kitchen labs while advancing techniques each term. This program prepares graduates for diverse industry jobs with both cooking skills and general education for business relevance.

Length of Pastry and Bakery Professional Course at HRC Academy

Acquire refined baking and pastry practical knowledge to prepare breads, chocolate and various types of desserts in just 7 weeks through the HRC Academy Pastry and Bakery Professional course for aspiring patissiers or baking entrepreneurs. Training under award-winning chefs and state-of-the-art facilities accelerates expertise in this intensive learning experience.

Length of Cold and Hot Kitchen Professional Course at HRC Academy

The Cold and Hot Kitchen Professional Course packs focused training into 14 weeks. Master staple cooking methods alongside niche techniques in cold kitchen, garde manger, and charcuterie. The course integrates both theoretical concepts and hands-on kitchen training under our experienced chef instructors.

Length of Professional Chef’s Certificate at HRC Academy

Earn the influential Professional Chef’s Certificate in 1 year at HRC Academy. Ideal for serious cooks looking to excel at classical and contemporary techniques. Classes and labs nurture creativity on plates plus business skills.

Length of Food Preparation Certificate at HRC Academy

The 24 weeks (one semester) Food Preparation Certificate course develops core cookery abilities from primary cuts to stocks and sauces. Tailored for those seeking employment as prep or line cooks in most back-of-house kitchen positions. An accessible start to new culinary careers.

Apply today to train at the highest level with HRC Academy’s esteemed culinary faculty and professional pathways.

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