Unveiling Culinary Roles: The Difference Between Cook and Chef


Exploring the Differences Between a Cook and a Chef

If you’re not familiar with the culinary industry, then you may not be aware that there is a distinct difference between cook and chef as a professional title. While they may both dress in chef’s coats and work in a kitchen, their daily responsibilities vary quite a bit. One takes a bit more of a leadership role, while the other is very skilled in their profession, always focusing on improving their skills. Let’s look more in-depth at the difference between chef and cook.

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The Definition of a Cook and Chef

While they may sound very similar (and they are to some degree), the definition of a cook is different from that of a chef. Let’s break down what each of these professions entails, paying specific attention the responsibilities of each position.

What is a Cook?

A professional cook is someone who prepares food using hands-on techniques and a variety of ingredients to create specific dishes. There are actually different kinds of cooks, including one who will simply prep ingredients by chopping, measuring and mixing. There are line cooks who will physically heat and cook the food before plating it. Grill cooks work solely at a grill station, while the fry cook will run the fryer.

What is a Chef?

A chef is an experienced culinary professional who has taken on more of a managerial role after working in this field for many years. Their responsibility spans across all of the different cooks that are working under them. They are required to be quick on their feet in order to keep a kitchen running smoothly and efficiently. It is at this point in a chef’s career that they will focus less on physically preparing food themselves, but they should be able to step into any role in the kitchen as needed.

Distinguishing the Duties of Cooks and Chefs

The main differences between a cook and chef have to do with the duties that each position is responsible for. As the chef of a kitchen will be higher up the corporate ladder than a cook, this affects the day-to-day obligations of each.

The Duties of a Cook

A cook in a restaurant kitchen will potentially plan, prepare and cook any of the food items that are being offered at that location. The goal is to ensure a very high-quality product while ensuring an optimal experience for customers. A cook will assist with keeping the kitchen organized and running smoothly during each shift. They pay close attention to proper food handling, maintaining a clean kitchen and following proper food storage procedures. They have a very hands-on role that the rest of the kitchen relies on in order to serve customers efficiently and to a high level of perfection.

The Duties of a Chef

The duties of a chef include pre-planning menus and coming up with new meal ideas. Job specifics can vary a bit based on the type of kitchen a chef is working in, but it’s usually the responsibility of a chef to oversee any cooks in the kitchen and keep everything running smoothly. Executive chefs take on more of a behind-the-scenes role, while sous and pastry chefs will still play a big role in the physical preparation process.

Skill Sets of Chef vs Cook

There are some specific skill sets that both cooks and chefs must possess in order to be successful in their careers. This includes:

  • Smart business sense in regard to creating and following a budget, providing proper management guidance and supervising other staff.
  • Being able to keep a kitchen clean and sanitized while adhering to specific guidelines and criteria.
  • Creativity is important in order to set a restaurant apart from its competition. Being able to think outside of the box can lead to the development of unique recipes and menus.
  • Expertise is a must if you’re a cook looking to make the jump to a more managerial chef role.
  • It’s essential to multitask as a chef. A kitchen is a very busy place with a lot of moving parts.
  • There will be instances where problem-solving will come into play. Especially the chef of a kitchen will need to think quickly to prevent an interruption in service.
  • Projecting into the future can prevent certain mishaps from taking place. A truly experienced chef will see problems before they occur, making changes where appropriate.
  • Knowledge of culinary basics is something both a cook and a chef will need to possess.

What is the Difference in Salaries between a Cook and a Chef?

When comparing cook vs chef in regard to salary, a cook typically makes less money per year than a chef does. This is because a chef will have a position that supervises other staff members and takes on more responsibility than you would see within a cook’s role in the kitchen. However, advancing as a cook is a possibility. The more years you work, the more you will make.

Advancement Opportunities in the Culinary Field

Once you have completed the education portion of your career, you will want to find an internship opportunity. This will provide you with hands-on experience under the guidance of an experienced professional. You will then be hired as a low-level chef, working your way up the corporate ladder as you learn and hone your skills. After you have worked as a cook for many years, you may be eligible to apply for a position as a chef.

Educational Paths to Becoming a Cook or Chef

If you are interested in getting started on the path to becoming a cook or chef, you can begin your journey at HRC Culinary Academy. You will start by learning the basics of your craft, with further instruction provided to really tailor your education to your passion and what you find interesting.

FAQ section

Can a cook become a chef?

In order to become a chef, you will likely spend a number of years working as a cook. Your career as a cook will provide you with valuable information and experience that will allow you to better manage other cooks in the future and run a successful kitchen.

Are chefs responsible for managing a kitchen?

Chefs are responsible for creating menus, creating and adhering to a budget and managing the staff of a kitchen. Many chefs step away from cooking as much as they used to, while others still prefer to be part of the day-to-day cooking of a kitchen. However, a cook and chef difference is that the cook physically prepares food far more often than a chef does.

Do All Cooks Want to Become Chefs?

Not all cooks are interested in furthering their careers to become a chef. A main difference between cook and chef is that the latter has a lot more hands-on of a position. There are certain cooks who are far more interested in cooking and preparing food than they are in taking on a leadership role.

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