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Can I visit the academy?

Yes, of course, we encourage you to do so! We love meeting people and showing them around! We'll have a cup of coffee or tea and get you acquainted with our facilities, work and we'll have you meet some of the current students. We look forward to meeting you at our school to see us in action. We will explain to you our teaching methods and answer all your questions. Please prior to your visit give us a buzz to set up an appointment, so we can make sure that you are given the required attention. Are you based far away? Then we are happy to welcome you to HRC’s offices in the Netherlands, Atlanta/USA/ or Italy!

Is previous culinary experience necessary before joining?

Love, love, love and great passion for the arts; that's all what it takes, our dearest prospect student! :)

What should I do after I submit my application?

Job well done! Sit down, relax and give some time to our admission team to get back to you!
After we have received your online application form, a confirmation letter with instructions will be emailed to you. (please, check your Spam inbox to make sure you will not miss it). Read it carefully, open all the links and feel free to contact us first. When so, you could inform us about your high secondary school grades - what percentage of the maximum in your country they are. We will then give you further instructions.  At that stage, we will probably require your registration fee and a copy of your high school diploma, preferably scanned and sent via e-mail.

When is the deadline?

You can apply online and the full application process for EU students lasts about 2-4 weeks total. So we advise you to apply no longer than a month before the starting date. However, students from outside the EU require around a 3-5 months time (depending on the country and VISA requirements) frame for the entire process. You can apply 6 months to 1 year in advance of your preferred enrollment date. Our degree programs typically start in September and March of each year.
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How long do the programs last?

Our longest program is The Culinary Arts program and lasts 2 sometimes up to 2.5 years depending on the professional development of the student. The whole program contains two internships abroad one of which is averaging 6 months whereas the second one in the US lasts for about 12 whole months. There are a very detailed module description and duration explanation under each program. Please click on this link to see more.

Does the academy provide housing?

Starting summer 2020, our very own student campus opened its doors directly in front of the Academy. You have the option of single and double rooms. Facilities include a student lounge, shared kitchens, laundry room and much more exciting cool stuff!!

Students who wish to rent accommodation (room in a flat or a house) can do this individually at a price of approximately 250 – 300 euros per month with bills included. The Academy team will assist by providing the students with contact information of trusted landlords and agencies who provide reasonably priced flats.

How much does it cost? Is there financial aid?

Each program uses a different pricing policy. We'll be happy to explain to you the instalment plan options during your admission process.

What can I do with my diploma?

With a solid culinary education and a good understanding of the English language, you will be able to work anywhere in the world as a chef. You will be able to build the career that you have always wanted and you should thank yourself for that! Finishing our program is not an easy job!

Our diploma is officially recognised and accredited by the American Culinary Federation (ACF). For you can see ACF's outcome report here.

After receiving your diploma you can choose for yourself: continue your career at hotels and resorts, fine restaurants or perhaps even a cruise liner sailing the world. Maybe you possess the heart and spirit of a true entrepreneur and would like to start your own business? Give us a shout, we'll gladly give you some tips, advice and evaluate your business model. Currently, the job outlook in the HoReCa industry is very strong worldwide.

Throughout your journey of different experiences, you will develop more skills, gain more knowledge and eventually become an Executive Chef. However, you must be realistic; this does not happen overnight. The HRC Culinary Academy provides you with culinary fundamentals and helps you with personal development; the rest is up to you.

Will I get any assistance from HRC for my future career?

Certainly! HRC’s Career office will assist you with your final industry placement among its extensive network of hotels and restaurants. Often these placements lead to job offers. All of our graduates are supported by the Career Office throughout their career advancement, even long after they have graduated. A full 100% of our graduates have a job secured within a few months of graduation! You can read more about this here!

What are the refund policies of HRC Culinary Academy?

The following refund policies apply to STUDENTS from outside the EU:

1. If the Bulgarian embassy does not grant visa D to the student, the HRC Culinary Academy will refund all fees except for the non-refundable registration fee (€ 50) + the reservation fee (€ 500).

2. If the student decides to terminate their studies prior to the start of the semester, HRC Culinary Academy will provide a refund of the full amount of the paid tuition fees, except the registration & reservation fees.

3. If the student decides to terminate their studies after the start of the semester, HRC Culinary Academy will not provide a refund of any paid tuition fees.

4. If the student decides to terminate their studies at HRC Culinary Academy for any reason, their Bulgarian visa D will be automatically cancelled.

All applicable refunds will be processed within one month of the Student’s notice of termination.

The following refund policies apply to STUDENTS from the EU:

1. Prior to the start of the semester, HRC Culinary Academy will provide a full refund of tuition fees, except the administrative fee (€150) + the registration fee (€ 50).

2. Upon the start of the semester, HRC Culinary Academy will not provide a refund of paid tuition fees.

All applicable refunds will be processed within one month of the Student’s notice of termination.

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