We cook.

Our students learn how to produce high quality food according to the top culinary standards, using the right principles and techniques; and high ethics towards people, food, safety and hygiene.

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We develop.

Our mission is to train enthusiastic culinary and hospitality professionals with the right skills and personal values, in order to prepare them for a successful career in the international food & beverage industry.

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We enjoy.

Cooking is an art, a passion, a dream, a way of life! There is no fixed recipe to become a culinary professional, but if you feel the joy and excitement when cooking for others, you can turn into one in no time.

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We share.

HRC Students are taught in a practical setting where chef instructors and visiting top chefs provide hands-on instruction and share their valuable knowledge and experience.

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  1. for aspiring chefs
  2. for f&b managers
  3. for food enthusiasts

HRC Culinary Academy

HRC Culinary Academy offers a brand new state-of-the-art facility in downtown Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Six kitchen labs are available in the 2500 sq. meters building, a c hocolate lab, bakery kitchen, demo restaurant, hot, cold and prep kitchens, students are mastering their practical skills, learning from our experienced chef instructors. In the wine cellar, computer room, and the biggest culinary library in the country, they are gaining theoretical knowledge about food, beverages and various related subjects. Our 100-seat demo theatre will be a stage for some of the best chefs worldwide.

Our instructors