Къде са някои от нашите студенти?

Долу на картата, може да видите, с какво се занимават някои от нашите студенти от 2-ри и 4-ти семестър. Някои от тях, вече получават първите си оферти за работа, въпреки че все още имат 2 семестъра обучение при нас! Може да си мислите, че това е просто късмет, но тъй като се случва често, ние просто го наричаме професионализъм!

a l u m n i

Alex Kostadinov
Alex is currently finishing his 4th semester at Barnsley Resort, USA.
Alexander Penev
Alex is very passionate when it comes to Bar & Restaurant concepts. One day he wants to open his own place and we are so much looking forward to see his great achievements! Currently enjoying life in Grand Hotel Golf Resort and Spa, Alabama, USA.
Aleyna Akkaya
Aleyna is now based in Brussels, finishing her first internship and pursuing her dreams to become a great chef! She's currently a 2nd semester student at the academy.
Aljaz Rojs
Aljaz is currently doing his first internship in Valkenburg, The Netherlands! He is at the castle St. Gerlach - a michelin star restaurant recognised for its amazing cuisine!
Dafi Peneva
Dafi Peneva, class of 2020, currently enjoying a position at Rosewood Sand Hill, California, USA
Billie Ramirev
Billie is currently enjoying life in New York City and cooking at Le Coq Rico.
Ivana Gelova
Ivana is in Hamburg finishing her 2nd semester professional culinary internship!
Deniz Alp
Denize is enjoying her time in Ghent, Belgium! Currently finishing her 1st internship at the fine dining restaurant of Ghent's Marriot Hotel.
Dat Ba Tong
Tong is on his way to climb up the culinary career ladder very highly! He is currently working at L’ermitage in Beverly Hills, CA, USA.
Ivailo Stefchov
Ivaylo is finishing his last year of studies now in Napa Valley, California.
Danail Staevski
Danail is in his final year, completing his last internship in New York City.
Ivelina Chetalbasheva
Ivelina is in love with pastry! Currently she is rocking her final internship in Barnsley Resort!
Kalin Kalinov
Kalin is finishing up his final year in the USA at Barnsley Resort, Adairsville, GA, USA!
Krasimir Ivanov
Krasimir is currently placed at ZUMA, London. He is 2nd semester student at our Academy and currently finishing up his 1st 6-month internship.
Laura Baric
Laura is finishing up her 1st internship in Hamburg, Germany! She wants to develop as a fine dining chef and currently she's on the right path!
Maria Paisieva
Maria is currently finishing up her first internship at the Michelin-starred St.Gerlach in The Netherlands!
Mariyana Georgieva
At the moment Mariyana is doing her first internship at the fine dininig Harry's in Maastricht, The Netherlands!
Miroslav Genov
Miroslav is now doing his final internship at Alexander's Steakhouse in San Francisco, California. Class of 2019
Monika Turauskaite
Monika is an astonnishingly good pastry chef! She is currently finishing her final year from our Culinary Arts program and she's based in Washington DC.
Petio Stanishkov
Petio is a young chef with a fascinating track record given his delicate age! He's spent two very dynamic years at our academy and currently he is finishing his final internship in Dubai, UAE!
Petya Koleva
Petya is currently finishing her fist internship at Dorset City Hotel in London, UK.
Plamen Georgiev
Plamen is based in Amsterdam, and experiencing his first internship in a fine dining environment! We'are excited for him to come back and share his experiences with the new semester students.
Rakesh Tripathi
Rakesh is completing his 1st internship at Kempinski Grand Hotel Arena, Bansko. He's no stranger to exquisite flavours and definitely on right way to culinary success!
Sandra Mariam Reji
Sandra is completing her 2nd semester internship at Penha Longa in Lisbon, Portugal!
Radu Balan
Radu is on his way of becoming one of the finest professionals in the Food & Beverage industry! Currently he is finishing his F&B Management program in New Orleans, USA.
Shilin Neelamkol
Shilin is a 2nd semester student currently enjoying life in Portugal! He is completing his internship at Penha Longa, Lisbon!
Simeon Hrankov
Simeon is doing a fine dining internship in Amsterdam's Andaz! He is currently a 2nd semester student at our academy!
Simeon Marinkov
Simeon is a 2nd semester student at the academy. He is currently completing his first high-end internship in London, UK.
Slavi Mutafchiev
Slavi is doing exceptionally well at his current work placement! He is completing a 6-month internship in London at the very luxorious ROKA!
Stefan Yotov
Stefan is finishing up his first internship in Harry's restaurants in Maastricht, The Netherlands!
Tezcan Orkun Var
Tezcan is no stranger to fine cooking! Thus, he is completing his 1st internship in Marriott Hotels in Ghent, Belgium!
Vytautas Puidokas
Vytautas is following his dreams and currently gaining experience at Kitchen Door A Todd Humphries Restaurant in Napa, California!
Yasen Aleksandrov
Yasen is a highly motivated young man who's education and experience so far took him the 3-Michelin-Starred Lasarte, Barcelona! He's on its way of becoming a great fine dining chef one day!
Victor Zhekov
Victor is a very passionate young chef who's currently enjoying life in San Francisco pursuing career in the high-end culinary scene!

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